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Visit our Registry Help page to learn tips and tricks to get the most out of your registry with us. We also answer common questions.

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Caroline & Andrew who are celebrating their 1st Wedding anniversary

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Cassie & Zach who are celebrating their 1st Wedding anniversary

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Tamara & Tony who are celebrating their Wedding

Gift Registry Help

Visit our Registry Help page to learn tips and tricks to get the most out of your registry with us. We also answer common questions.

About Our Gift Registry Service

We specialize in wedding and bridal registries in Germantown and Tennessee. We have many years of experience in making brides and their families happy.

What Are Registrants Saying About Us?

"I came into the store to register feeling very overwhelmed and lost. Once I started talking to everyone at the store my entire perspective changed. Everyone was so kind and helpful that I immediately felt at peace. I felt so welcomed and at home, you can truly tell every person in the store cares. They are so knowledgeable and it made the whole process so easy and fun. I cannot say enough good things about the experience, the people, and the products. I am so excited for every single thing I have registered for. I would recommend Two Doors Down to every single bride."
~ Rebekka in TN
"Such an easy experience! The staff is great!"
~ Abigail in TN
"Such a fun experience picking beautiful pieces out for our wedding! Cannot wait to come back and shop more!"
~ Cheyenne in TN
"I love working with Two Doors Down! Their beautiful selection and helpful staff made this my favorite step in the wedding planning process!"
~ Ashley in TN
"Two Doors Down is amazing to work with for your wedding registry! An excellent selection and even better customer service."
~ Sarah in TN
"Such a great store, and everyone was so helpful! We needed lots of guidance in picking things out for our registry, but they made us feel right and home and talked us through everything."
~ Kim in TN
"Cindy was exceptionally helpful throughout the registry process. She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. We were clueless about what to do, but she helped make it so easy!"
~ Elizabeth in TN
"We have truly loved working with two doors down. They have been so much fun to collaborate with and have the most beautiful pieces that will truly make our house a home!"
~ Angelina in TN
"We have loved working with Two Doors Down for our wedding registry! They are so helpful and very fun to work with! We have shopped with them for years and will continue to shop with them! Such a great local business!!"
~ Jessie in TN
"Our wedding registry experience with Two Doors Down has been great. We love our dinnerware and everything we picked out and can’t wait to continue to add to our collection."
~ Jessica in TN
"When choosing where to register, the warmth of the Two Doors Down staff was in another league from the other shops I considered! Everyone has been so helping and accommodating each step of the way. We are so excited to begin married life with our beautiful gifts from Two Doors Down!"
~ Virginia in TN
"We had the best experience registering at Two Doors Down! The staff is absolutely wonderful and so helpful! We love all of our beautiful gifts and are so thankful for Two Doors Down support during such a special season!"
~ Mary in TN
"Two Doors Down was our favorite registry we made! It was so fun to spend the day walking around and picking out items we will use for the rest of our lives. Mrs. McDaniel helped us think through what we needed and piece together beautiful place settings that will really make our house feel like a home. It was so helpful to actually see the items you may want to have for every day use or for hosting etc. Peter and I loved the experience of getting to hand pick everything together. It was one of our favorite parts of the wedding process. Can't recommend them enough!"
~ Cayla in TN
"Two Doors Down made wedding registry so easy! The entire staff was so helpful and friendly! We are so pleased with our items and can’t wait to add more to our collection!"
~ Caroline in TN
"Two Doors Down was the best part of our wedding preparation. Sitting down with Cindy and picking out our favorite pieces for our future home together was an absolute dream. The Two Doors Down team was so helpful and they’ve been so friendly every time we’ve stopped in! We are so pleased with the pieces we chose now that we’re settled into our home."
~ Carlton in TN
"Registering at 2 doors down has been the most wonderful experience for us!! Everyone at 2 doors down has been so incredibly kind and helpful, and it has made this season extra special and exciting for us! We are so grateful for all of you!"
~ Ally in TN
"Two Doors Down is absolutely lovely. I had the best time registering here. Cindy Banks is a legend and beyond helpful. Such a gem. She guided Zachary and me to exactly what we wanted when we were registering. Cannot wait to use all of our beautiful pieces in our home!!"
~ Celia in TN
"This has been such a great experience and the most fun to pick from such stunning products! They are so friendly and helpful in the store! I'm so happy we registered here!"
~ Abigail in TN
"Two Doors Down was not only sooo much fun but, it felt like home! The sweetest people and they make you feel so comfortable. And the best part is it was stress-free and so easy!! You actually get one on one time and have a very personal experience. The pottery selection is remarkable - their pieces are so unique and gorgeous. Couldn't recommend this place enough!"
~ Carly in TN
"Registering for our wedding at Two Doors Down was the best experience! They made it a smooth and enjoyable process and have been so easy to work with."
~ Whitney in TN
"My experience registering with Two Doors Down has been amazing. It was such an easy and fun process, and I would recommend it to any bride!!!"
~ Kelsey in TN
"The registry experience with Two Doors Down has been incredible! Everyone was wonderful to work with and made everything so fun! I would recommend Two Doors Down to any Bride!!"
~ Claire in TN
"An amazing experience being registered with Two Doors Down. Every single piece that I have been gifted is beautiful and I will be able to use for many years. The staff is very genuine and they are always willing to answer any questions you might have. 10/10 Recommend"
~ Lauren in TN
"Our registry experience with Two Doors Down has been amazing!! The staff has been wonderful to work with and made everything so easy! I could not recommend enough!!"
~ Cole in MS
"The experience of registering at Two Doors Down was amazing. It was so easy and they have so many items in stock to choose from. Everyone who works there is so sweet and ready to help. I know our guests will enjoy shopping here!"
~ Cecily in TN
"I recommend that every bride register at Two Doors Down. Not only is every piece beautiful, but every person makes the process of registering so easy. You will be greeted with kindness and leave full of joy!"
~ Maggie in TN
"The women at Two Doors Down have been nothing short of amazing. Our experience has been wonderful and we are so thankful for the help we received in putting together our wedding registry. Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Highly recommend! Also- LOVE the gift wrapping! :)"
~ Catherine in TN
"The Ladies at Two Doors Down have been amazing to work with! They made us feel so special and they made the registering process so easy! Would highly recommend!"
~ Mallory in TN
"The ladies at Two Doors Down have been so helpful in helping me put together exactly what I wanted for my registry! Comfortable and friendly place. Great selection. I highly recommend them!"
~ Mallery in TN
"Loved my experience with Two Doors Down! The staff helped us pick the best pieces for our home. They were always available and patient with any questions or changes we had!"
~ Lauren in TN

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Feb. 13, 2023

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