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About Relish

Relish is the creation of three dear friends who share a love for back porch dinners and relaxed entertaining.

Susan Peterson and Cabell Sweeney have been partners in the ceramic industry as Cabell’s Designs since 2003. Their artwork has been at the forefront of the tailgating and home accent industry for over 15 years. As designers, they partner with Magnolia Lane to “dish out” their creations to thousands of stores across the country. Cabell’s Designs also creates small batches of high-end ceramics, handmade from start to finish in their Rome, Georgia studio. These one of a kind pieces are sold to a handful of boutiques across the south.

Erika Laughlin is the founder and owner of Erika Reade, Ltd. Erika’s eye for design and flair for curating elegant products has made her shop an iconic Atlanta boutique for more than 35 years. Shopping at Erika Reade is simply a delightful experience.

Susan, Cabell, and Erika’s dream was to help a host “set the table” for an evening with friends or family, where the company and memories are savored, and the place settings are beautifully stress free. So they created Relish; a line of tableware molded from their handcrafted pottery but made from melamine. This allows for a table setting to be sophisticated and unique while practical for everyday use without the fear of chipping or breaking. People just won't believe that it's plastic... until they drop it! Relish is just as comfortable next to linen and silver as it is beside paper towels and takeout. That’s why they call it “Today’s Everyday”.

The dream for Relish doesn’t stop at setting a table for family and friends. At Relish we believe in doing what we can to “set the table” for others as well. That’s why we invest in our community and in our world. By giving to our local food banks, as well as other organizations making a difference in our cities and around the world, we give others a chance to relish life everyday. A generous life…. it’s something we relish.

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